Two Steps To Take To Ensure the Signs You Get for Your Party Are Perfect

Posted on: 15 March 2022

Here are some practical steps you can take to ensure the signage you order for your party is perfect.

Have your first meeting with your signage supplier in person at their premises

It's best to have your first meeting with the signage supplier in person, at their premises. The reason for this is that during this first meeting, they'll ask you to show them the colours you'd like to use for the party signs, as well as the type of signage design you'd prefer.

If you did this via email (for example, if you sent them some photos of the other colourful party décor items you're planning to use and asked them to make signs in colours that match this décor), there is a chance that, because of the lighting settings on your phone's camera and the differences between your device's colour resolution and the colour resolution on your sign supplier's device, they may not be able to accurately interpret the colours you want them to use. This could result in the sign's colours not matching the other party décor as perfectly as it could have.

If, however, you have this first meeting in person and show them actual samples of the other party décor (or if you explain that the images of this décor on your phone make the colours you want to use seem darker or brighter than they really are), the sign supplier should have no difficulty in making signs whose colours are an exact match for your other décor.

Consider the lighting at the party venue when selecting the signage

Before giving the sign supplier any instructions regarding the type of signs you want, you should consider the lighting at the party venue and how this might interact with certain types of signs. For example, whilst you might love the beautiful, bold look of LED neon letter signs, these not be the right choice for your party if the venue has bright overhead lights, as it will be hard for guests to appreciate the illuminated letter signs if they're not placed in a darkened space. Likewise, these signs might not be the right choice if your party will be held outdoors during the day, as their luminosity will be almost undetectable in the sunshine.

If your venue has very low lighting and you want the signage supplier to make unilluminated signs for it, then they might suggest displaying these signs directly over or under the venue's wall or ceiling lights to ensure that their text can be seen. In this situation, you may need to alter the signs' dimensions to ensure that, for instance, they fit into the space between the venue's wall sconces.

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