Two tips to follow if you need to use the services of sign installers

Posted on: 9 November 2021

If you've purchased new signage for your premises and need to use the services of sign installers, you should use these tips.

Let the installers know if the surface you'll be mounting the sign on is damaged

If the wall or ceiling onto which you'll need the installers to mount the signage is damaged in any way (for example, if it's an exterior wall with damaged render or an interior ceiling with damaged plaster), you should let them know this before they come to put up the sign.

Whilst ideally, it's best to repair any damage to the surface you want a sign attached to before it's installed, this isn't always an option. If you cannot do the repairs, telling the installers about the surface's condition in advance will enable them to bring with them some extra supplies that will help to stabilise the sign in spite of the damaged nature of the surface they'll be fitting it onto.

For example, if you want the sign put on a wall with render in poor condition, telling the installers about this damage beforehand would mean that they could bring and then use extra nails or brackets to support the sign (for example, instead of just hanging the sign by each of its four corners, they might add an extra two centrally positioned nails to it as well). If you don't tell them this beforehand, the sign installation might take longer, due to them having to leave to go and get these extra materials.

Wash and dry the surface before they do the installation

It's sensible to wash and dry the surface the sign will be mounted on before the installers do this task. The reason for this is that the sign might end up remaining in this place for a few months or even several years. If this happens and there is splattered food, dirt or other unhygienic grime stuck underneath it, mould might grow under the sign. This could result in the area under the sign emitting a musty odour and, if the sign features any wood, paper, or fabric, it could also lead to these materials getting mouldy.

By washing the surface with both a soapy cleanser and some disinfectant, and drying it fully before the installers put up the sign, you can prevent this from happening. As long as this surface is spotless prior to the installation, it should not require much, if any, cleaning whilst the sign is in place, as the sign will act as a barrier that will stop dust, food and other substances from landing on this surface.

Reach out to a sign installer to learn more.