Enhance your business with braille tactile signs

Posted on: 5 January 2021

Braille signs make your business more accessible to blind and visually-impaired customers or employees. Australian standards already require braille signage in many types of buildings, with signs placed to indicate restrooms, exits, hearing amplification systems and other features. However, there's more to braille signs than just what's required by regulations. By using custom braille signs, you can make your business more accessible and complement your existing brand identity. 

Custom door signs

It's simple enough to find off-the-peg braille tactile signs for common features such as exits, kitchens, supply closets, and so on. If you want to direct a visually-impaired guest to the Wisteria Room, however, you're going to need a custom sign. Custom-made signs let you make every part of your business, not just the exits, accessible to braille readers. Similarly, you can use custom braille sign supplies to create individual office door labels, making it easy for braille users to find the person they're seeking. 

Reinforcing your brand

Your visual signage is an important part of your business's branding, and a lot of care has probably gone into choosing colours, materials and logos. Your braille signage doesn't have to be any different; even though it's for visually-impaired users, it can contribute to your visual brand. Custom signs can incorporate your colour and material choices as well as logos or graphics, combining braille and written text for a seamless, professional appearance. Australian standards do place some limitations on your sign's shape and materials, but within these constraints, there's plenty of room for making your business stand out. 

Upgrading existing signs

If you want to make sure that your business is accessible to braille users without redoing all of your signs, consider upgrading your existing signs by using braille text strips. Adding a braille strip is a simple way to turn an existing sign into a braille sign with minimum cost and effort. Custom braille signs allow you to match the background and text colour of the original sign to ensure that your new braille text blends in smoothly. 

Whether you need to meet the signage requirements established by the law, want to expand the range of braille signs in your business, or just need to add a few new office door signs for new hires, custom braille sign supplies give you the flexibility you need to create signs that meet your business's specific needs. Contact a sign manufacturer to get the signs you need.