What Car Wrap Works Best for Business Signage?

Posted on: 30 September 2020

Are you looking for a creative and cost-effective technique for customer acquisition? Well, the vehicle you use to run your business errands is an excellent place to start. Every trip, pick-up or delivery the vehicle does is a chance to put your business right in the face of potential customers. Using car wraps, you can make a statement about your business by showcasing your business name, address, product and service range. You get to kill two birds with one stone by marketing your activities while doing your revenue-generating runs. In this piece, you will learn about different kinds of car wraps. The discussion will help you select the best wrap for your business needs:

Glossy Car Wraps

Glossy care wraps are probably the first option you should consider. They are effective at mimicking car paint that has been coated with ceramic. Notably, one reason a glossy wrap is suitable for your car's signage is its ability to reflect light. Rays will bounce off the shiny surface, which is essential for making colours to stand out. Your signage will be visible from a distance as the signage lives up to what you need it to do. Better yet, a glossy wrap is effective at resisting stains, especially those resulting from watermarks. The shiny surface allows water to glide off easily to keep off ugly marks.

Brushed Car Wrap

The term 'brushed' brings one thing to mind: texture! Unlike the glossy car wrap discussed earlier, a brushed wrap is significantly subtle. It doesn't have the lustrous element you find in the previous wrap, but it still has its place in your business signage. Brushed car wraps feel good to the touch, and the conservative background does an excellent job of making bright-coloured signage stand out. The texture also adds an artistic, patterned feel to your signage, which is better than images on a plain background.

Matte Car Wraps

If you want something unique for your vehicle's signage, then matte is the way to go. It is different from the other kinds of car wraps because the matte does not reflect any light. The pitch-black element makes your vehicle stand out easily from the crows, and you can draw attention to the signage by using bright colours. Orange, white, yellow and lime green are popular candidates in this case.

Car wraps are better than repainting your car, especially when it comes to signage. You can do away with the wrap and fit another one if you need to change the messaging on the vehicle. It is less tasking than a paint job.