Benefits Of Using An Event Hire Company For Backyard Weddings

Posted on: 17 June 2020

When planning a backyard wedding, it's easy to overlook some of the work required to make the day a success. Backyard weddings tend to be smaller affairs than those held in traditional reception venues, and the focus is often on making the day romantic and connecting with guests. However, without sufficient planning, this type of wedding can quickly become stressful for the happy couple. Event hire companies aren't exclusively for large-scale events, and utilising their services can make sense when it comes to finances, organisation and time management. Here are a few benefits of using an event hire company when planning a backyard wedding.

It's Cost-Efficient

If a backyard wedding will have more than a few guests in attendance, there likely won't be enough chairs, crockery, glassware and such available. The happy couple may be tempted to purchase some of the smaller items they need, such as cutlery or table linens, but the cost of buying essentials to ensure every guest is comfortable and accommodated during the wedding and reception will stack up quickly. Hiring seating, tableware and catering equipment from an events company can actually save money, and there's no need to store or go to the effort of selling excess items after the wedding.

It's Time-Saving

Event hire companies offer a range of packages, from providing equipment only to providing staff with the equipment. Even small weddings take a lot of organising to pull off successfully, so finding ways to save time will allow the happy couple to focus on themselves and enjoy their wedding. Forget weekends spent looking around for matching tableware and chair covers; an event hire company has access to a wide range of designs and styles to suit any taste. And who really wants to be dealing with food service duties on their wedding day? When hiring catering equipment or tableware, consider hiring service staff to take care of guests when they arrive and during the reception.

It Adds A Professional Touch

Although backyard weddings tend to lean toward being more laidback and informal than traditional weddings, small, professional touches, such as matching crockery, ambient lighting, chilled drinks and comfortable seating, can make the day feel a little more special for everyone involved. A wedding is a major life event, and how the day is marked to stand out from a simple garden party is worth some consideration.

Event hire companies offer consultations to couples planning their wedding and can put together a package to suit any style of wedding and budget. They can help couples ensure nothing is forgotten on their big day, which clears the way for the couple to simply enjoy getting married.

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