Advantages of Cut-to-Size Acrylic Perspex Sheeting Over Glass

Posted on: 16 March 2020

Cut-to-size Perspex sheeting is mainstream in the signage and construction industry. It is the choice material in many applications and features in things like galleries, museums and security screens. Have you ever wondered why most people choose it over traditional glass? This post discusses the top advantages of using acrylic Perspex sheets over conventional glass sheets.

They Are Impact-Resistant

Glass is typically fragile and can easily break or shatter, exposing you to a risk of injury. Perspex acrylic sheeting is, on the other hand, shatterproof and impact-resistant. For this reason, it is ideal for protective casings, security windows, riot shields and so on.

They Have Excellent Clarity

For optimal viewing on your casings and windows, consider using Perspex, which has excellent clarity. Its durability and clarity make it ideal for galleries and museums since it offers a unique viewing experience while remaining secure. Additionally, you can use it in greenhouses, boat windows and so on to allow for optimal lighting. Perspex sheets allow in more light than glass sheets do.

They Offer Greater Insulation

Most people tend to overlook insulation when comparing Perspex sheets to glass sheets. Perspex provides excellent insulation in applications that require adequate heat retention such as greenhouses, windows, cold frames and so on. You can also incorporate them as secondary glazing panes to make your home more energy-efficient and to reduce your heating costs during the cold months. 

They Are Lightweight

Perspex is generally a lightweight material compared to glass, and this is one of the reasons it's a more superior option. Glass is a heavy and unwieldy material, especially when you work with larger sheets. Perspex sheets are easier to work with since they weigh less than glass. 

They Are More Cost-Effective

When compared to glass, Perspex is more affordable as it is lighter and more durable, which reduces production costs. If your project demands larger sheets, Perspex offers a cheaper option than traditional glass. Additionally, it is resistant to erosion and weather elements and requires minimal maintenance. Therefore, your Perspex sheeting will serve you for many years without the need for repair or replacement. 

Final Thoughts

Cut-to-size Perspex sheeting is more beneficial than glass in many ways. From being lightweight and impact-resistant to offering excellent clarity and insulation, Perspex is a great choice and can help you save money. These are enough reasons to consider using it in your next project. Learn more about cut-to-size Perspex sheeting today.