3 Creative Ways You Can Use Signage to Promote Your Construction Business

Posted on: 15 October 2019

Every construction site you're on offers numerous benefits to promote your business to investors who may need your services. Construction sites cause a lot of disruption, and people will inevitably turn heads your way as they walk or drive past the site. Why don't you take advantage of this attention and market your business to passersby?

Keep reading for some creative yet effective ways you can use signage and graphics to promote your construction business.

Invest in Hoarding Signage

Whether you use it for fencing the construction site or as banners, hoarding signage is bound to draw attention to the new building. In this case, you can use hoarding signage in two ways:

  1. To advertise your construction business
  2. To sell ad space to businesses renting out the commercial development

Use signage to let people know about the company that is in charge of the construction project. This way, you can attract investors and drum up more businesses. Alternatively, invite businesses that are renting out space in the new development to advertise their brands with hoarding signage. The advantage of this option is that you can put up signage for more than one firm around the perimeter of the site. 

Use Signage on Earthmoving Machinery

Your construction business probably owns heavy machinery such as excavators, cranes bulldozers, backhoe loaders and many more machines for earthmoving and lifting tasks. Take advantage of them by using graphics to advertise your business.

Use branded graphics on the exterior of the heavy machinery to let people know about the construction business. Keep it short and straightforward. Use a few words, readable text, and remember to provide a phone number or other contact details that interested parties can use to contact you.

Brand Your Haulage Trucks

Construction firms have trucks such as dump trucks that carry loose material to the site. Some of these trucks travel for miles, get stuck in heavy traffic, and come to the view of hundreds of people as they do so. They present the perfect opportunity for you to market your construction business.

Brand these haulage trucks as you did your heavy machinery. As the vehicles move around, they will be marketing your brand. If you've rented trucks for a certain period, ask the rental company about using car wraps to brand them during your rental period. You can remove the wraps after your rental contract is over. As long as the paint is of high quality, wraps will not damage the surface of the vehicle during removal.

Every construction project you have is an opportunity to find more clients for your business. Think about incorporating these ideas to promote your business. Also, work with a reputable signage company for high-quality signage that will draw the attention of your target prospects. Contact a provider of signs like Macarthur Signs & Graphics to learn more today.