Two Tips for Owners of 24-Hour Shops Who Want to Buy Illuminated Signs

Posted on: 24 June 2019

If you run a shop that is open all day and all night, then it's important to have some light-up signage displayed on your premises. This way, the signs will catch the eye of potential customers late at night, when there is no natural light illuminating them. If you decide to buy a sign like this, you might want to keep the following advice in mind.

Buy the signs from a business that offers battery-operated LED signage services

When deciding which shop to buy your signage from, it is best to look for a business that provides battery-operated LED signage services, rather than one that only offers mains-powered light-up signs.

Whilst the latter can be very useful in certain circumstances, there are several reasons why battery-operated LED signs are more appropriate in this situation. Firstly, because this type of illuminated sign is not reliant on any mains power sources for its electrical supply, you won't be limited in regards to where on your premises you can hang it up, and you can instead choose a place that perfectly showcases the sign rather than picking a spot that is close to a plug socket.

Secondly, because they don't have to be plugged into a socket, LED-illuminated signs look better than their mains-operated counterparts, as they don't have a distracting and unsightly cable emerging from them.

Thirdly, unlike a sign that is mains-powered, an LED sign's lights won't stop working if any part of the electrical system on your premises develops a fault. As such, even if your shop develops an electrical fault that takes a few days to fix, your illuminated signage will continue to function as it is supposed to.

Make sure that the sign is designed so that the shadows cast by nearby objects won't affect its functionality

When buying any kind of illuminated sign, it is vital to take the existing features of the area in which you plan to hang it into consideration. More specifically, you should ensure that the sign is designed in such a way that any shadows created by the objects in the area where you intend to place it won't affect its functionality.

If, for instance, you want to hang the sign directly above the door to your shop but the building's roof fascia hangs over this spot, then you may need to pick an extra-thick sign, so that it will protrude outwards from the wall, beyond the fascia. This is because if you pick a relatively thin sign and hang it in this area, the shadow that the overhanging fascia casts on this sign could affect how well the sign's lightbulbs illuminate the images and text printed on the sign.

For more information, reach out to an illuminated LED signage service.