How to Ensure Your Business Signage Really Stands Out

Posted on: 23 August 2017

Signage is needed for any business, no matter the product or service you're selling. Customers and clients need to be able to find your business when on the road, and advertising inside your business can impel customers and clients to buy more product, or to sign up for more services. To be effective, however, your business sign writing really needs to stand out, so note a few tips on how to ensure it doesn't get lost among other signs in the neighbourhood, or overlooked by those who have already come through your front door.

Consider eye-level signs

When you have a retail establishment of any sort, you may consider putting the signs up very high on the wall, so they're out of the way of your merchandise. This is good for a menu, as customers often expect that sign to be located on the upper walls, but other signs placed this high may not get noticed by persons who don't think to look up! In retail stores, add your signs at eye-level, or just above an average person's eye line, so they can easily notice those signs.

If you're worried about removing merchandise from wall shelves to make way for signs, use the signs as part of the decor. Have them created with fancy lettering or something that fits the overall feel of your business, and this can allow you to put them right next to merchandise, where they'll be noticed while still blending in.

Avoid excess wording

If a sign has too much wording, it can be ignored by customers and clients, as they may only glance at the sign and not take the time to read actual sentences. Consider words you can remove, such as "the," or "and." For example, instead of a sign that says, "The Best Pie and Cake," you might have a sign that uses the word "best" in big, bold letters, and then "Pie & Cake" underneath that. The customer notices the important words and still gets the same message, but very quickly and easily.

Use unique material

Most business signs are made of plastic because it's very durable and weatherproof, but it can also be a bit boring! Choose wood, metal, glass, vinyl lettering, or any other unique material that is different than the signage used by businesses around yours. This is also good for a formal and professional office, where clients may tend to block out signs as being unimportant; a sign in big, bold vinyl lettering, or a unique wood that contrasts with the furniture, is sure to be seen!