Tips to Make Sure Your Business Signage Works for You

Posted on: 27 January 2017

Many companies operating in Australia are turning to signage as a means of reaching out to their customers. Business signage refers to the use of signs to capture the attention of potential customers and to pass important information regarding a business. But for business signage to work effectively as a marketing strategy, its design and placement has to be well thought out. If you want to get the most out of your signage, here are a number of success tips you ought to follow.

Make the message succinct and clear.

You might have many good things to tell your target customers about your business, but truth be told, most people do not have the time to read through lengthy text. Make your message short and simple, but you should be sure to drive your point home. Engage your customers with simple catchwords or a few phrases that accurately demonstrate your company's attitude and describe what you are selling. This will work much better than bombarding your customers with lengthy descriptions. 

Give your signage a compelling colour.

It is virtually impossible to not take notice of a colour that stands out from those around it. Therefore, the environment in which your sign is going to be placed will have a big impact on its effectiveness. That does not necessarily mean that you should incorporate random colours into your signage—stick to a few colours that accentuate your company's brand and theme.

Make sure your signage is appropriately sized.

Ever wondered why it is easier to spot a billboard compared to posters put up along the streets? The reason is rather obvious – the billboard is much bigger in size than the posters! When you are designing your business signage, you should keep this in mind. The bigger the sign, the easier it is to notice. Likewise, the bigger the lettering, the easier it is for customers to read your message, even from a distance. So yes, size does count.

Make sure your signage is placed at a suitable location.

There's absolutely no need to create business signage if it is not going to be easily seen by your target customers. Business signage that is blocked by buildings, overhead electricity lines, tall trees, overgrown shrubs or other signs will result in loss of customers. Consider all likely vantage points from which a potential customer might look at your signage, and find the best location for it. You can install lights to help it easily stay visible, especially during the nighttime.