How Thinking Outside of the Box Can Help You With Your Business Promotion

Posted on: 22 September 2016

As a small business owner, you may have been looking for some "out-of-the-box" ways to make an impression, as you look for a boost in sales. You may have a fleet of vehicles associated with your business but wonder if the traditional way of advertising on the side of these vehicles is paying off or not. Have you considered vinyl wrapping? How can this make a difference?

Vinyl wrapping used to be the domain of big businesses, as it simply wasn't cost efficient for the small fleet manager to consider. However, due to advances in technology and a reduction in the cost of the raw material, the concept of vinyl wrapping should now be considered by the small business owner.

Consider the Impact and Flexibility

For local impact and awareness, this is a strong medium. You can have vehicles circulating in your target market area, or parked strategically to make sure your message is front and centre. Also, you can consider temporary wraps for seasonal promotions, or to advertise specific events linked to your business. For ultimate flexibility, change your mobile billboard every time you have a new promotion.

Remember to think outside the box, as you aim to get the consumer to stop in his or her tracks to have a double take when looking at your vehicle. If you can do this, you will exponentially improve the impact of your campaign.

Consider Value for Money

In the US, the Traffic Audit Bureau commissioned a study in 1999, where it determined the "daily effective circulation" of a truck that was wrapped in vinyl as it travelled throughout the Chicago region. According to the survey the truck reached an estimated 40,585 commuters each day. This compared to a similar figure for an average billboard in the area. When you consider that the cost for the placement of these vinyl wraps on a vehicle is substantially less than the cost of erecting a billboard ad on a busy street the value becomes clear. Remember that your vehicles will be travelling on these roads anyway and incurring the general costs of running a fleet as it is.

How It Works

Vehicle wraps are composed of three separate components. Firstly, laminated vinyl with adhesive backing can be applied everywhere on the vehicle apart from the windows. Secondly, perforated vinyl is used to cover the windows with a seamless print when viewed from the exterior, which simply appears as a window tint when viewed from the inside of the vehicle. The third component is cut vinyl, which is similar to the main vehicle wrap but can contain smaller elements that can easily be interchanged should the details change. For example, if a phone number, a website or other information were to change then the whole vehicle doesn't need to undergo a re-wrap.

Remember, however, that the key word once again is creativity. The more that your business can stand out by being funny, entertaining, interesting or even a little bit controversial, the better.