Answers to 3 Commonly Asked Questions About Neon Signs

Posted on: 15 December 2015

Neon signs are probably one of the most commonly used business signs around the world. Neon signs shine brightly at night and come in a wide range of colors and designs, making them perfect for any company that needs an illuminated sign that is easy to care for and which easily fits their overall décor. Although neon signs are very common, you may still have many questions about them and their use and maintenance. Note a few of those questions here and be sure to discuss them with a contractor when you're ready to have a neon sign installed.

1. Is a neon sign dangerous?

A neon sign works with a mixture of gasses inside a tube, but it is no more dangerous than any other electrical device or appliance. The signs are not pressurized, and while they do get somewhat warm, they are not necessarily a fire hazard unless you place them near fabric or any other object that could ignite when exposed to an electrical device. The signs are also not dangerous to touch, as they do not emit any of the gasses inside the glass tubing.

2. How long do neon signs last?

The gas inside a neon sign does eventually dissipate so that you need to have the neon sign repaired, but typically a well-made neon sign can last for years. Its lifespan will depend on how long you have it illuminated each night; the more you use it, the sooner the gas will dissipate. When you have your neon sign constructed, ask the contractor how many hours of use you can expect out of it, and then you can plan for when it will need repair accordingly.

3. Can neon signs be cleaned?

 Just like a standard light bulb or other such device, you can clean a neon sign, but you need to do it properly. First make sure the sign is unplugged, and then always use a soft dry cloth to gently wipe down any dust. You never want to use a wet cloth, as the water can come into contact with the electrical connection of your neon sign and cause an electrical short. You also want to be careful about not scratching the surface of a neon sign or using too much pressure, just as you would when cleaning any type of lamp. If you follow these precautions, you can keep your neon sign clean and dust-free.

For more information about neon signs, contact a local sign company.